Systems thinking is simple but can be daunting. Once learned it must be practised to become natural. Spinnaker can provide practical support through its coaching programme to increase your confidence and improve your systems thinking skills.

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Why is coaching important?

Coaching is an essential element to any change programme. Without coaching any cultural change initiative is likely to falter and ultimately fail. Coaching targets specific issues to help you achieve higher levels of performance by providing encouragement, raising awareness and improving your practical skills. It also supports personal development by challenging assumptions and sharing experiences.

How does coaching help?

The ability to apply systems thinking is as much about confidence as it is about ability. Formal training provides people with adequate systems thinking skills but coaching supports the effective adoption of these skills.

What is our approach?

We provide on-job coaching support to help novice systems thinkers overcome the challenge of applying systems thinking to real and pressing problems, allowing them to become confident and experienced practitioners. This practical approach also demonstrates to a wider audience the benefits of systems thinking.

Where is coaching support available?

On your premises.


By thinking systemically your organisation will become better equipped to cope with demands of complexity.

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