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Jetstar safety incidents under investigation by the ATSB

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau is investigating Jetstar over two safety incidents that had the potential to affect flight safety. On the 19th October 2015 a scheduled flight to Melbourne, operated by Jetstar departed from Brisbane with sixteen more passengers than had been accounted for in the crew’s flight plan. Ten days later a [...]

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Can systems thinking help us innovate?

We can innovate only when we have insight. Systems thinking provides insight into a problem by treating it as a system and examining its properties. What is innovation? Innovation along with agility, sustainability and synergy is becoming one of the most overused words in business today. Companies love to say that they innovate but [...]

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Future submarines – an Australian build?

Will the future submarines be built in Adelaide? Possibly, but they will most likely be built in Australia. It depends on what is deemed to be culturally feasible. The design and construction of twelve future submarines to replace the current Collins Class fleet costing $50 billion will be the biggest capital expenditure undertaken by the Commonwealth. [...]

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Unethical behaviour costs Volkswagen 6.5 billion euros

Unethical behaviour by Volkswagen, the world's largest car company is set to cost the company billions after admitting that it rigged its emissions testing. On 18th September the US Environmental Protection Agency issued a notice of violation to Volkswagen, the largest automotive company in the world, alleging that some models of its four-cylinder diesel [...]

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