About Spinnaker Systems



Systems thinking…

  • applies the concept of a system to a problem

  • uncovers patterns of behaviour

  • uncovers the architectural nature of the problems

  • discovers the underlying needs of an architecture

  • aids insight and understanding

  • enables greater insight and understanding leads to better decision making

Who are we?

We are trainers and consultants in systems thinking.

What we do

We specialise in supporting organisations cope with an ever increasingly complex and rapidly changing world. Our portfolio of services include:

• Creating strategies to successfully implement a cultural transformation from reactive problem-solving to proactive problem-solving

• Teaching the fundamentals of systems thinking

• Providing coaching support to accelerate systems thinking learning

• Supporting organisations by providing additional systems thinking capacity

Our philosophy

Helping organisations help themselves

Our approach

To apply systems thinking to gain insight and understanding of our clients’ problems


By thinking systemically your organisation will become better equipped to cope with demands and complexity.

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