Anybody can be a systems thinker but it is not our natural state of mind.
Systems thinking is simple, but like many things in life, it must be learned and practised to become natural.

Why should we learn systems thinking?

To help us become better decision makers. The more insight and understanding we have about a problem, the less likely we are to react instinctively and the more likely we are to achieve the outcomes we desire.

What do we need to know?

To become effective systems thinkers:

•  We need to understand system concepts and principles.

•  We need to acquire some useful system thinking techniques that allow us to explore a system’s properties.

•  We need a systematic process that allows us to use our systems thinking techniques effectively to gain insight and understanding quickly and effectively.

•  Above all we need to be curious about system behaviour.

How can we learn?

We cannot effectively learn systems thinking without tapping into the acquired knowledge of others. We can learn by ourselves, but it is much more rewarding and effective to learn with others.

Who can learn?

Anybody can learn systems thinking. The only prerequisite to learning systems thinking is to realise that we have a problem with reactive thinking.

When should we learn?

There is no better time to start learning than now.



Putting systems thinking into practice can be daunting.

Obtaining support from other systems thinking practitioners is one of the best ways of improving your ability.

By thinking systemically your organisation will become better equipped to cope with demands of complexity.

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