Many management initiatives fail because of a lack of clear goals and a plan to achieve them. Spinnaker can help you develop your systems thinking strategy to successfully transform from a reactive to a proactive problem solving organisation.

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Why is strategy important?

Strategy describes how you will realise your vision. Strategy is fundamental to the success and sustainability of your transformation. A feasible strategy provides your organisation with a common purpose, it sets time bounded goals, identifies resources needed to achieve those goals, and defines the measures by which you can measure your success.

What will make your strategy successful?

No strategy, no matter how feasible, will not succeed unless your organisation is committed to, and passionate about it. Commitment and passion will only be realised if your strategy reflects the reality of the situation, the capacity of your organisation to realise its vision, and its ability to adapt to changing circumstances.

What approach should you adopt?

We recommend that you develop your strategy using the principles of the Boyd Cycle:

OBSERVE – Observe the decision making process within your organisation.

ORIENT – Apply systems thinking to interpret your observations to gain better insight and understanding of reactive thinking within your organisation, and identify the needs that must be met to achieve your goals in order to become a proactive thinking organisation.

DECIDE – Make informed decisions on what is systemically desirable and culturally feasible to achieve your goals.

ACT – Act on your decisions before repeating the cycle by observing the effects of your actions.

TEMPO – Set the tempo of your decision making cycle so that you can react in time to unfolding circumstances.

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How does this approach support your organisation?

It allows you to adapt your plan to changing circumstances, whilst still achieving your strategic goals.

When should you start?

If you are serious about changing your organisation’s problem solving culture, then you should start thinking about your strategy now.


Systems thinking is a proven approach to gaining insight and understanding in an increasingly complex world.

Spinnaker provides training that provides a solid foundation in the theory and practice of systems thinking.

By thinking systemically your organisation will become better equipped to cope with demands of complexity.

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