Putting systems thinking into practice can be daunting. Obtaining support from other systems thinkers
is one of the best ways of improving your ability.

Why do we need help?

It makes learning easier. But learning systems thinking on its own is not enough, practical experience matters. We can accelerate our own learning and practice when we make use of the accumulated experience of others, their successes and failures

What support services are available?

Spinnaker can support your organisation’s systems thinking learning and practice in a number of ways:

• Introducing systems and systems thinking

• Developing a systems thinking implementation strategy

• Teaching systems thinking

• Coaching and mentoring systems thinking

• Assisting with systems thinking

When is support available?

Support is available now.


Systems thinking is simple but it's not easy.

Accelerate your own learning and experience by making use of our accumulated experience.

By thinking systemically your organisation will become better equipped to cope with demands of complexity.

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